Can reusable plastic crates contribute to reduce losses along the fruit and vegetables supply chain?

Fresh fruit and vegetables (F&V) is a key sector in the Spanish agriculture. With an annual production of around 20 million tons, it has an economic value of 14 million Euros, contributing to 47% of the value of the Spanish plant production and 29% of the whole agricultural production (MAPA). However, inefficiencies within the F&V supply chains appear in the…

Reusable plastic crates generate 88% less CO2 emissions and consume 57% less energy than single-use cardboard boxes in the distribution of fruit and vegetables in Spain

The environmental impact study based on the Life Cycle Analysis carried out by the UNESCO Chair of ESCI-UPF and published in the scientific journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling revealed the advantages of this system. • The life cycle analysis of the boxes will allow further improvement of their environmental performance.