These companies represent over 25% of the market and aspire through their work to promote the culture of keeping and reusing as opposed to the tendency of using and throwing away, which implies greater use of resources and greater amounts of waste.


The work of logistics operators forming part of ARECO consists in managing the rental and transport of reusable plastic containers for transporting foodstuffs from the producer/packer right through the supply chain. 


The process starts with the delivery of the containers by ARECO members to the producers/packers, who use these to transport their products to the shops. After this cycle is complete, the ARECO members handle the collection, classification, washing and hygiene processing, making the containers ready to restart the chain. When the packages have completed their life cycle they are 100% recycled.


Advantages for the environment


These packages are made from very tough plastic appropriate for foodstuff use, which means that each container can be used in over 100 movements. At the same time this allows 100% recycling of the products.


The system also enables monitoring the container throughout its entire life cycle, which guarantees that this will not be disposed of irresponsibly to become a contaminant, and that when it deteriorates it will be recycled with materials from the same source and of the same quality.


At the same time, the system of renting reusable containers means countless logistics advantages: it reduces the space needed for storage, enables standardisation and improves keeping of the product, as this is a firm packaging item which can be stacked without damaging the contents. It also rules out the investment in purchasing containers for the producer/packer. All of this works out in a considerable reduction in costs for all the parties in the supply chain.