• Means the producer can rule out investments for purchasing containers and managing these.
  • Reduces the space necessary for storage of the containers.
  • Cuts down logistics costs.
  • Enables standardisation of the containers, which facilitates orders, logistics and automation, increasing productivity.
  • Improves the keeping of the product through being a firm, tough container which can be stacked without damaging the contents.
  • Rules out the need for repacking, since the product stays in the container until it reaches the shopping aisle.
  • Minimises the energy needed for cooling as this is an open container.
  • Greater safety, hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Improves the environmental communication by means of a lower environmental impact.

Our products

The reusable crates handled by the companies forming part of ARECO are made of plastic, which guarantees their strength and optimum conditions for keeping the products.

This material enables 100% recycling, with no losses, which enables savings in resources.
With proper use and maintenance, each crate has a useful life of roughly 100 movements.

The containers managed by the companies forming ARECO comply with RAL regulations (AECOC recommendations for logistics).