DOWNLOAD FILE Reusable plastic boxes generate less environmental impact than disposable cardboard boxes in the distribution of fruit and vegetables in Spain Reusable plastic boxes generate 25% less environmental impact than disposable cardboard boxes in the distribution of fruit and vegetables in Spain. This is the case in five of the six categories of environmental impact analysed by the comparative study of the different options for distribution of fruit and vegetables in Spain by Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) carried out by the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change (ESCI-UPF), directed by Professor Dr Pere Fullana....[READ MORE] 18/06/2018
DOWNLOAD FILE The handling of fresh fruit and vegetables in reusable packaging helps prevent food spoilage According to a study carried out by Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Bonn, throughout the whole supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables, around 4% of all disposable packaging was damaged, while this figure was just 0.1% for reusable packaging. DOWNLOAD HERE THE STUDY IN ENGLISH...[READ MORE] 05/07/2013
DOWNLOAD FILE The agri-food sector aims to reduce its environmental impact by means of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the carbon footprint Around 450 scientists coming from 22 different countries gathered at the 8th International Conference on LCA Sector to discuss how to apply this methodology in food production. An adequate packaging for food and beverages is essential to reduce environmental impacts; LCA helps evaluate the most sustainable packaging. ...[READ MORE] 15/10/2012
DOWNLOAD FILE CHEP and LPR join ARECO as new partners CHEP and LPR, European leaders in pallet and container pooling services, have joined ARECO, the Association of Logistics Operators for Eco-sustainable Reusable Items, founded in 2010 with the aim at promoting the usage of returnable crates, pallets and containers because of their logistic and environmental advantages....[READ MORE] 08/11/2011
DOWNLOAD FILE The system of reusable containers in foodstuff distribution is the most sustainable The reusable plastic containers used in farming-foodstuff distribution have a 20- year useful life cycle and can be reused in up to 100 operations. This means huge environmental advantages, as it enables savings in resources and cutting down waste, according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Stuttgart on the sustainability of packaging systems in Europe....[READ MORE] 21/09/2011
DOWNLOAD FILE ARECO association has been launched to promote reusable containers, which mean savings in resources and foster sustainability The companies IFCO SYSTEMS, Euro Pool System and Logifruit, leaders in the sector of reusable container rental in foodstuff distribution, have formed the first Association of Logistics Operators for Reusable Eco-sustainable Items (ARECO), with the aim of promoting the use of this type of containers, which can be reused many times and thus enable major savings in resources....[READ MORE] 17/01/2011