Scientific studies (Stuttgart University, March 2009) vouch for the environmental advantages of returnable plastic containers as compared with other types of disposable containers:
49% less potential for greenhouse gas missions.
33% less potential for reduction of ozone.
46% less potential for summer smog.
69% less acidification potential (contribution to acid rain).
78% less eutrophisation (contribution to overfertilisation).

Commitment to the environment

The products which are used by the companies forming part of ARECO are eco-sustainable and help to protect the environment:

- The system of reusable containers complies with the European Union environmental strategy based on the “three Rs”: reduction, reuse, recycling

- Only recyclable materials are used:

  • 100% monitored plastic: the entire life cycle of the product is monitored, which guarantees that this is not going to be disposed of irresponsibly, becoming a contaminant, and that when it deteriorates it will be recycled with materials of the same source and quality.

As opposed to the trend of using and throwing away, which implies a major use of resources, ARECO's motto is keeping and reusing containers.